We are a licensed car dealer in Osaka, Japan helping car dealers outside Japan purchase used cars at Japanese car auctions.From Passenger Cars, Trucks, Buses, Heavy Machinery vehicles etc etc.

We help you import single cars, trucks and busses (RO-RO) or 40ft containers (max of 3 passenger cars in one 40ft container) .

Customers are free to choose the Grade, Mileage, Engine cc and Price range of the vehicle they want to purchase online. KCC Autos provide customers with unique ID and PWD to log in and be able to view and choose vehicles going to auctions. KCC Autos bid on vehicles on behalf of customers and ship from Yokohama or Osaka in Japan to various countries.

Now customers have the chance to be part of the bidding and buying process instead of waiting for dealers to find the vehicle for them. We guarantee 100% transparency to all payments, even to the price we purchase your car online.

Our payment terms is TT. Auction Deposit before bidding on cars, and Balance Payment after a successful bidding. (Payments has to be 100% completed before KCC Autos can post original copy of BL, Title Certificate, JEVIC certificate [if applied], Packing list & Shipping Invoice) All payments receipts and process are very transparent to our customers and bidding results can be checked online.

Contact us for more details on our commission based system and cost.


Cheap Used Trucks, Tractor heads, buses, high lifts, wingbox, car carriers for the best prices in Japan. Engine inspected and thoroughly checked. They come standard with seat belts, windshield wipers, headlights, turn signals, vent, and heater etc. Very popular in and out of Japan for transporting heavy loads, vehicles, passenger buses, used for building construction etc.

The vehicles are ideal for:
General Contractors, Maintenance Workers, Farmers, Landscapers, City Services, Recreational Riding, And More...
Our payment terms is TT.
50% deposit of total cost before shipping vehicle(s) and 50% final payment after confirmation of B/L copy. Final Payment has to be 100% completed before we can post original copies of B/L and other shipping documents to consignee.
M.O.Q: We accept orders from one unit to several units per month.
Shipment can be RO-RO or in 40ft containers.
Call or email us you details today for prices, and we will be please to assist you.
Buyers coming to Japan ( Osaka ) will be able to view and check the vehicles themselves before buying.


We are a member of the largest used car association in Japan and we are able to supply you with high quality used engines by 20 or 40 foot container orders. We have access to thousands of used engines and we can purchase vehicles at auction venues and extract the engines, transmissions and other parts according to our buyers request. Whether you need only engines or full vehicle parts, we can be able to supply you according to your demands. All engines and parts are 100% from Japan shipped from Yokohama or Osaka!
We thoroughly, clean, spin tested and inspected each and every engine and parts to make sure they work properly before packing. If you are thinking of buying engines for Japanese cars in container loads (20ft or 40ft) from Japan, then contact us today and send us your requirements and details by email.
Our minimum order is one container load ( 20ft or 40ft )

Our payment terms is TT.
(50% despost before loading and 50% after you receive BL copy; two installment payment system and payments has to be 100% completed before we post original copy of BL to consignee)
Delivery is between 3 to 4 weeks ( depending on the engine types/modles )

Contact us for price list of engines avaliable or you can send us your engine list and we can send u a quote.
Thank you and look forward to your contact.


USED JAPANESE FORKLIFTS at reasonable prices!!

We sell Japanese brand forkLifts by several well known makers like Toyota, TCM, Komatu, Mitsubishi, Nissan models.

From Year 2000 models to 2010 and even recent models. Easy to maintain and durable, high quality Japanese forkLifts.

KCC Autos Japan can supply you from 1 unit to 10units monthly shipped by RO-RO single units or by 20ft or 40ft containers.

Very good prices for the different Models we have.

FG25C-14, FG15-18, FD25T, FD25T, FG30T, FG25T13,7FD25, SB-YL02, 02-7FD15, 8FG15, FGE10T,

Call / contact us today for any inquiry.


We sell and export USED Japanese manufactured scooters and motor bikes from Japan to various parts of the world at very reasonable prices.
All scooters & motor bikes are in good condition, cleaned and carefully packed.
We accept orders in 20feet or 40feet container base. 550 to 600 UNITS can be loaded in one container.


Contact us for price list and shipping details.
(Serious Buyers Only Please)


When dealing with Used tire companies in Japan, its always safe to ask the company to provide you with a pdf copy of their Export Dealer License Number ( KCC Export Japan's Export license number is 621110131112 ). In fact it is required by law in Japan for all registered companies to have this number displayed on the company’s website.

Also, if you ever have to pay a deposit or full payment, make sure the NAME of the bank account is the SAME name of the company you are dealing with, and not a personal bank account. It is safer to pay to the company account than a personal account.