These 5 points above describe our buying process.

If you have any questions you would like us to clarify please email us at

Note. We are very transparent in all stages of our transaction with all our clients and buyers – from confirming your order until you receive all necessary documents to receive your container. We do not use private bank account to do business payments and transactions, we strictly do business directly through our  corporate bank account.

This is our legal corporate name in Japan and our legal license to export products from Japan:
KCC International Ltd ( KCC Autos Japan )
Automobile Dealer License: No. 621110131112

  1. Step.1
    Request for Quotation
  2. Step.2
  3. Step.3
    Booking & Shipping
  4. Step.4
    Bill of Lading
  5. Step.5


Please send us your inquiry or list of tires you want to purchase. We will send you our prices lists for PC , LT and TB tires for your reference. We will also send you a quotation or Proforma Invoice for your confirmation. Please include not only the list of the tire sizes you are searching for but also the destination port or country.
At this stage we discuss, negotiate and reach an agreement on the prices, the tires sizes and on the quantity for either a 20ft or 40ft HC container.


After you have confirmed our final invoice you then complete 50% deposit ( initial payment ) of the Total cost on the invoice. This will include shipping cost too if the freight cost is to be prepaid rather that “collect”. Our bank will confirm your payment within 24 hours and we will start booking container, packing date schedule and shipping arrangements. It usually takes 7 to 10 days to pack a 40ft container after confirming your deposit.


After packing is completed, the container is transported to port for custom clearance. After we processed shipping documents and completed custom clearance, the cargo is loaded onto the vessel and awaits depature. We usually inform our buyer/customers about every step from booking shipment, vanning, loading date etc.


After the cargo leaves Japan, we will email you (the consignee/buyer ) a copy of the Bill of Lading we received from the shipping company AND the final Invoice for the remaining 50% balance payment. Also we will send you pictures of the packing process. After confirming the B/L and invoice you will then complete the remaining 50% payment within 3 days.


As soon as our bank in Japan receives your balance payment, we will post the original copies of the B/L documents to you (the consignee/buyer) together with the shipping invoice and packing list. ( plus any other necessary documents ) by DHL or EMS secured postal service.
If the buyer/consignee instructs us to SURRENDER the B/L we will instruct the shipping company to surrender the B/L accordingly.

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