KCC Autos Japan ( KCC International Ltd )

Dealer in Used Cars, Used Tires and Used parts

Dealer License No. 621110131112

KCC Autos Japan is one of the best dealers for Used Tires, and parts in Japan. Located in central Osaka, we supply used tires ( PC, LT and TBR Truck tires in different sizes ) to several buyers worldwide from grades 50% to 90% tread. We also supply Casing tires and Retread/Recap tires at very reasonable prices. All tires are Japanese made and in excellent condition. LT Tires from 50%-90% tread depth/grades, Truck Tires from 5mm to 15mm tread dept/grades. MOQ is 20 or 40feet HC container. For inquiries please check our contact form or email us.
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KCC Autos also specializes in buying and selling used Japanese vehicles, forklifts, and bikes from auto auctions.

KCC AUTOS JAPAN(ケイシーシーオートズジャパン)は日本の中古車の輸出からトラック用のケーシングタイヤのコンテナ輸出を中心に、中古トラックや建機、中古自動車のエンジンやパーツ、中古フォークリフトのコンテナ単位の輸出と中古ヴィンテージバイクの小ロットでの輸入を行っております。それらをお取扱いのサプライヤーとして、輸出入取引をご希望される企業様は、お気軽にお問合せ下さい。(日本語でも対応しておりますので、ご安心下さい。)


Bridgestone Tires, Dunlop Tires, Yokohama & Toyo Tires etc we have a vast amount in stock at very good prices.

Truck Tires from JAPAN

Place of Origin: Japan, Brand Name: Bridgestone, Dunlop, Yokohama. Toyo tires, Model Number: TB, LT , OTR tires, Truck Tires, Heavy Machinery Tires: TB, LT, OTR , Casing. All grades and depth 10% to 90%.


Condition: Used, Make: Toyota, Mazda, Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Susuki, Mileage: 50,000〜80,000 , Steering: Right Fuel: Gas/Petrol Place of Origin: Japan.

Japanese made Trucks, Buses, Carriers, Tractor heads

Japanese Used Trucks, Tractor heads, Buses, High lifts, wingbox, Car carriers etc, all in excellent condition!! Good Prices.

High Quality Car Engines & Transmissions from JAPAN

KCC Autos Japan supply High Quality Car Engines, Transmissions & partsfrom JAPAN by container Load. 20ft or 40ft container MOQ.

Used Vintage bike from U.S.A

We sell American & Japanese brand vintage bikes by several well known makers like? Harley Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki models.


Japan has been a country where you hardly hear about fraudulent business involving customers. However, recently there have been rumors from some of our long time customers, that there is fraud taking place in Hokaido with someone setting up a fake company and illegally scamming customers. KCC International ltd has always supplied good quality to our buyers and client for over 9 years in the business. Our advice we can give to all other clients searching to buy tires from sellers in Japan, please check the company well before transferring money. Like our company, any company in Japan can be able to confirm the legitimacy of its company, and you, as a buyer has the right to know whether the company you are going to do trade with is a legal company in Japan. I advice you to ask any company for the following before doing business. If they fail to provide these documents we have listed below, they are not legally registered company and you must be very careful or not do business with them. We provide all of these document below whenever our clients requested them to prove that we are a registered company with the legal license to export cargos from Japan.


  1. 1) Ask the company to provide you with a pdf copy of their corporate registration showing their legal registration number. (It’s a number that looks similar to ours like this: 1200-02-064137).
  2. 2) Ask the company to provide you with a pdf copy of their export license number ( KCC Export license number is 621110131112 ). Every export company MUST have this number in Japan before they are allowed to do export business in Japan. Failing to do so means they’re not an export company and dangerous to do business with them. In fact it is required by law to have the number displayed on the company’s website.

  3. 3) Ask the company to provide you with a pdf copy of their JASTPRO export certificate which have the Export pass number on it. Some companies may not have applied for this export pass number which is ok if they do not have it. However they should have the Export license number mentioned above. KCC International Ltd ( KCC Autos ) has all of these registration copies and will present them anytime to our clients.

  4. 4) And one last advice, if you ever have to pay a deposit or full payment, make sure the NAME of the bank account is the SAME name of the company you are dealing with, and not a personal bank account. It is safer to pay to the company account than a personal account.